Skipr changes

This weekend we launched a re-design of the website.  We’ve overhauled its user interface and laid the foundations for a range of new features to help cruising sailors and everyone else  interested in the tracking the movement of recreational vessels. This post describes a few of the new features.

Navigation the site

While it has a different look and feel, navigating the site should be straightforward for existing as well as new users. As a boat owner, when  logged in, you’ll find the essential features under the “My Boat” menu item.

This blog and other useful information are accessible from the “Goodies” menu. We made a start to create a concise list of items of interest to the cruising sailing community there. Feel free to suggest  additions or critique inclusions!

Where is that boat?

You can now find the location of a boat:

When a boat’s details are displayed, by default the map now only includes most recent 30 days of reports. However, users can also specify the displayed dates below the map. As well, boat owners can override the default “start date” in their control panel.

Keeping in Touch

You’ll find a list of boats which use blogs to document their travels on the Links and Lists page. You can automatically receive emailed posts to those blogs  by subscribing to the PlanetSkipr list there.

And of course you can subscribe to the Beyond Barrenjoey mailing list here if you’d like to join the conversation with other sailors who have an interest in coastal cruising.

And finally, we welcome your comments, compliments and criticisms here, or by emailing